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This is what a few satisfied customers have to say:


Bio-Activator is also effective in resolving smelly issues  and more with conservancy tanks. These tanks are designed to hold household toilet waste until the tank is full and at which time it is pumped out by vacuum tanker. The following client lives in a housing complex where all the sewage flows to a communal conservancy tank. There were always bad smells emanating from this tank and when it was pumped out it became worse. Another issue was that the solids would build up in the conservancy tank and the vacuum tanker was only able to pump some of the surface fluids leaving up to one meter of semi solids. The body corporate requested a treatment protocol which they applied with the following result:

Hi John,


To date all appears to be working well and the smell certainly has reduced to only a slight smell when they pump out the tank.

The waste they are pumping appears to be quite a clear liquid now.

(name withheld)


This testimonial comes from a company with whom Bio-Activator partnered on a number of projects in Botswana. Bio-Activator achieved phenomenal successes in the treatment of various forms of waste water in a number of different applications.


Morning John, trust that you are well !

It is time to order the yearly treatment package again, must say, the quality of the product is excellent. Got outstanding results.





"Morning thank you for your effort yesterday it is much appreciated achieved 5 major flushes no backup."

This client's septic tank was emptied in September 2018 and it was already backing up with toilets flushing very, very slowly by December. I delivered a Starter Pack on 1 January 2019 and he sent me the above Whatsapp message the following day.


A client with a conservancy tank was tired of the smells every time the tanker pumped it out. They applied Bio-Activator which made a tremendous difference:

Die goed wat ek by jou gekry het die reuk van my tenk baie baie verminder net voor hulle gepomp het. So dit werk goed om die reuk weg te kry op 'n conservancy tenk dankie (name withheld).

Translation: The treatments that I obtained from you reduced the smells from the tank substantially prior to them pumping it out. So, it works well to get rid of the smell in a conservancy tank thank you.


A client had serious smell issues from their septic tank and after the first round of treatment I followed-up with him:

"Hi (name withheld), ek vertrou dit gaan goed met julle. Hoe lyk dit nou met julle septiektenk? Laat my asseblief weet of die Bio-Activator behandelings geslaag het, dankie." He responded: "Die reuk is weg baie dankie."

Translation: I trust that you are well. How is your septic tank looking now? Please let me know whether the Bio-Activator treatments have succeeded, thanks. He responded: "The smell is gone thank you very much."


We have been using Johns product for 13 years and have never had a problem with our septic tank, we buy a years supply and John delivers, great product, great service.

Thank you Janet! (client on the KZN South Coast with a septic tank) Always a pleasure!


Morning thank you for your effort yesterday it is much appreciated achieved 5 major flushes no backup

This client's septic tank was emptied in September 2018 and it was already backing up with toilets flushing very, very slowly. I delivered a Starter Pack on 1 January 2019 and he sent me the above Whatsapp message the following day.





Hi John
Compliments, may you have a good year ahead.
I just want to give you feedback about the bio-activator, thank you very much, the product is good especially with getting rid of the smell and flies, I was very pleased with it, thank you.

(name withheld)

Hi John, your product worked like a bomb as promised, I am enjoying studying at home with all windows and doors opened, no flies to infuriate me, Today there are also 5 butterflies which was a non-existent species in my garden. Thank you very much.

(home owner with a pit toilet)

Hi John,

I had great success in treating the septic tank at our holiday cottage with your bacteria. When we arrived the tank was "chock full" of "old" solid waste which gave the impression of it being filled with sand. At my request, a builder friend had cut a hole into the slab on top of the tank when it blocked so that one could ascertain what was causing the problem. After viewing the tank, the plumbers called to sort out the problem were of the opinion that the tank had collapsed and filled up with sand. After sourcing your product and obtaining your bio-activator a few days later, I started treating the tank as soon as we arrived at the cottage. On day 1 this was by adding as much water into the opening as I could (as it wouldn't even seep through) before adding the bacterial mix. (On day 1 when I tried to insert a stick it wouldn't go more than 2 cm into the solid). The tank was treated again on the next two days and by day three the level of solid in the exposed part had dropped about 5 cm and one could insert an aluminium rod a fair distance as the "solid" had now turned to sludge. The smell disappeared almost from day 1. We continued treating the tank every few days during the two weeks that we were at the cottage. The builder who had cut the hole into the slab came to have a look at the tank after a week and was astounded by the difference and by the fact that the tank is actually functioning again.  


(Name withheld)

Hi John,

Good to catch up and thanks again for a great product!

As mentioned in our telephone call: 13 months ago I was at my wits end with having the septic tank evacuated a very smelly and intrusive exercise to my olfactorys and garden! I then used the Bio-Activator product from the start-up kit and then the used the monthly maintenance packets and have had a happy septic tank ever since. My tank is roughly 12 to 13 metres above sea level in Noordhoek, Cape Town with a water table which starts at about 3.5 metres below the ground since using Bio-activator my ground water which is used for irrigation no longer smells or looks milky! The grass might not grow as well anymore but I definitely think having clean water is the better way!

It is good to hear such positive feedback, thank you. I am glad that Bio-Activator worked so well for you. I can assure you that the grass will grow better now as the pathogens, which previously caused the funny smells and discolouration in the water, are now being degraded into a more positive and healthier form of matter. Bio-Activator in itself is also very good for the soil and plantlife.

As discussed, I require another maintenance kit as well as 2 X full starter kits for my dads septic tanks in Pringle Bay. Please forward me your pricing and bank details for me to make the necessary payment arrangements.

Best regards, 


Hi John,
We had an awful drama here with overflowing septic tanks compounded by very heavy rains.
We had the tanker around to drain but the vehicle got stuck in the mud and two tow trucks later and several hours into the night, the drivers were still trying to get the vehicles out.
Its still way to wet to attempt bringing a tanker in and by this time, with no prospect of the rain ceasing,
I was getting pretty anxious about the sewerage situation.

I'm pleased that you are happy with the product, it is reassuring to get positive feedback (not that I've ever had any negative feedback!)

We were a bit alarmed when we tipped your magic brew into the toilet and the water level rose menacingly. However, within 3 hours, the toilet was clear of whatever blockage there was and Im hoping to never have to see the tanker ever again. Our garden looks like Iraq after heavy shelling.

I just want you to note that since 17 January the special offer actually ended and I am now charging an additional R20,00 for postage, packaging and insurance. However, since you have ordered so quickly again it is my pleasure to give you this one at the same price!

Thanks so much. Were still having builders and garden help to repair the tanker mess so even R20 is welcome right now.
If you visit my website you will see that I have  introduced a number of other packages which may be worthwhile making a note of for the future.

Will do. Im fascinated with this technology. Where can I read more about how it works?
Im always asking everyone, whatever it happens to be (chemical, electrical, mechanical), HOW DOES IT WORK????? Yes, Im well known in our community for a bit of madness!

I would appreciate it if I could use your letter as a reference on my website.
Only with pleasure! Use whatever you like.

Kind regards,


Hi John,

Im delighted with the results of the first application of your product.

Kindly send me another years supply for our second septic tank, proof of payment attached.

Thanks and kind regards,


Good day

I am getting excellent results from your product! In fact I recommended it to a neighbour who was equally pleased.

I would now like to order 1 x year supply (remedy and Maintenance pack) 
and 6 x 25g sachets.

Please confirm banking details.



HI John

 Hope this finds you well

 I just wanted to give you feed back on my order I placed in December

THANK YOU THIS BIO ACTIVATOR IS WORKING LIKE A BOMB as I explained I use the water from the septic tank in my garden and there is no smell so no complaining neighbours with a green garden



Dear John

We live on a smallholding outside Pretoria.  The original house was erected in 1972.  We moved there in 1992.  In those days a small nearby co-op sold a sewerage treatment product in small packages.  I bought some and treated the system once or twice.  We never had problems with the already very aged septic tank .. until recently.  Apart from becoming smelly, overflowing, soggy surrounds, it also became a big headache.  I had it suctioned twice at enormous cost, which, against our expectations, didn't solve the problem at all.  The little co-op, unfortunately, had to make way for the advancing city.

I started scouring the web for info and help - and, fortunately, happened upon Bio-Activator.  I ordered some and administered it to the system as directed.  It still amazes me how quickly the odour vanishes.  Since we have a shower draining into the system, our bedroom are easily exposed to bad odours.  Bio-Activator makes small change of this problem immediately.

We now use your product regularly.  Our farmworker uses a Porta-Potti and has been instructed to put a teaspoonful in the bottom tank every time it is emptied.  No bad odours there, too.

Thank you also for your trouble with our orders it is most appreciated!

Best regards


PS  Our pool has been standing unattended for quite some time - do you think administering Bio-Activator could assist in at least changing the muck to something one can touch?  I plan to empty it and convert it into a pond with water plants ..

Your advice will be indispensable.









































































































































































































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