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100g first time treatment: this dosage must be used the first time a pit toilet or septic tank is treated, whether it is smelly or full or not. This treatment will get rid of the smells and start the process of digesting the waste.

25g monthly maintenance treatment: this dosage will keep the smells away and the level of the waste down.

These dosages are sufficient to treat toilets which are used by up to 8 people per day. If more people use the toilet then the dose must be increased accordingly. See the dosing guide chart below for when more than 8 people use the toilet.

First Treatment:

1 x 100g or 4 x 25g Bio-Activator treatments must be used.

Pit toilets: You must never use any chemicals in a pit toilet. Add at least 100 liters water into the pit before pouring the activated treatment over the exposed waste.

Septic tanks: Simply flush the activated treatment down the toilet and refrain from using any cleaning solutions for at least the first week after starting the Bio-Activator treatment.

If there is still a smell after 12 - 24 hours then one of the following reasons may be preventing the treatment from working:

Chemicals: Stop using any chemicals to clean the toilet or to treat the pit. Flush the toilet a few times to dilute/get rid of the chemicals. In a pit toilet pour another 100 liters water into the pit.

Under dosing: The dosage used may be too little for the number of people using that toilet/septic tank. See the dosing guide chart below for the correct dosage per number of people.

Fix the problem by treating the pit or septic tank with an additional 2 x 25g Bio-Activator treatments (where more than 8 people use the toilet then this dosage should be increased by 1 x 25g for every additional 8 people, or part thereof). With each dosage it is important to add 100 liters of water or more to the pit before adding the activated treatment, this is not required for septic tanks.

When the smell has gone then you know that the treatment is working.

Follow-Up Treatment:

Three days after the first treatment the toilet must be dosed again with 1 x 25g Bio-Activator treatment to boost the process. If more than 8 people use that toilet/septic tank then this dosage should be increased by 1 x 25g for every additional 8 people, or part thereof.

Monthly Maintenance Treatments:

1 x 25g Bio-Activator treatment (or dosage as per the dosing guide chart) must be used every month after the follow-up treatment to keep the smells away and to prevent the organic waste from building up.


This process is critically important in order for the Bio-Activator treatment to work effectively. Mix the contents of the packet/s in a bucket with any quantity (5/10/20) liters ordinary (cold) tap water, or any water from a river, dam or borehole. There is no dilution ratio as Bio-Activator is not a chemical, so the amount of water for activation is not too critical. However it is just easier to do it in a bigger quantity of water.

Make sure that there are no chemicals (bleach or other cleaning solutions) in the bucket before the water is added. Stir frequently and let the mixture stand for 3 - 6 hours to activate. Pour it over as much of the exposed waste as possible. In a septic tank the activated mixture can simply be flushed down the toilet.

For best results let the activated Bio-Activator stand in a shady spot for the day, stirring every now and then. Flush it down the toilet (septic tank) or pour it into the pit toilet just before going to bed at night. With a pit toilet you must still pour in 100 liters water just before applying the activated treatment.

It is important to remember that the Bio-Activator will only work where it comes into contact with the waste through the medium of the water.

What to do when treating pit toilets in areas where water is scarce:

In areas where the water is too far away or it is scarce then the following can be done to compensate:

-    Bath water can be used to wet the pit.

-    Add as much water as available before pouring in the activated Bio-Activator.

-    After treating with Bio-Activator add at least one bucket of water every day for the next 7 days.

It is important that the Bio-Activator treatments must still be activated in clean water, so do not use bath or any other dirty water which may contain any chemicals.

Dosing guide:

Here is a handy guide for calculating the dosage for a pit toilet or septic tank according to the number of users:       

Number of                                      First time treatment                 Maintenance treatment per month                                                                                              people                                              Dosage                                        Dosage  

up to 8                                              100g                                             25g

9 - 10                                                1 x 100g plus 1 x 25g                 2 x 25g

11 - 12                                              1 x 100g plus 2 x 25g                 2 x 25g

13 - 14                                              1 x 100g plus 3 x 25g                 2 x 25g

15 - 16                                              2 x 100g                                       3 x 25g

17 - 18                                              2 x 100g plus 1 x 25g                 3 x 25g

19 - 20                                              2 x 100g plus 2 x 25g                 3 x 25g

21 - 22                                              2 x 100g plus 3 x 25g                 3 x 25g

23 - 24                                              3 x 100g                                       4 x 25g or 1 x 100g


The treatment of multiple toilets on a trench (pit toilets):

In the case of schools, churches or clinics where a number of toilets are on a common trench then the above table does not apply. The following guide should be applied for dosing:

First Treatment:

When treating multiple toilets on a trench, each seat (toilet) must be treated as an individual toilet for the best results. For example if there are 6 toilets on a trench, then the first treatment must be 6 x 100g Bio-Activator treatments. The trench must be filled with as much water as possible before the activated treatments are added.

Follow-Up Treatment:

Three days after the first treatment the toilet must be dosed with 1 x 25g Bio-Activator treatment for each toilet on the trench. First add as much water as possible to the trench before it is treated. The more water the better.

Monthly Maintenance Treatments:

The toilet must be dosed with 1 x 25g Bio-Activator treatment for each toilet on the trench 2 weeks after the follow-up treatment.

The contents of a number of treatment packets can be combined in one bucket of water for activation, as long as the activated dosage is poured in even quantities into each toilet.
















































































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