Get rid of the flies, cockroaches and reduce the waste!

Get rid of the bad smells in pit and Blair toilets in 12 hours!










TREATMENT OF WASTE WATER TREATMENT PLANTS TREATING EFFLUENT FROM human settlements, ABATTOIRS, distilleries, bottling AND milk processing PLANTS, etc.








Agents Wanted


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Would you like the opportunity to sell a product which every house with a pit toilet or septic tank must have? As an agent for Bio-Activator you will be able to supply a treatment to these households which will get rid of the smells within 12 hours and it will also digest and lower the level of the waste. When the smells go then the flies and cockroaches are also no longer attracted!


Repeat business!


These households will provide continuous future business as they will need to treat the toilet every month to keep the level of the waste down and to keep the smells (and the flies and cockroaches!) away.


Easy to apply!


Bio-Activator is supplied in powder form and it only needs to be activated in ordinary tap water when it is required to treat a toilet. The shelf life on this product is virtually indefinite while it is still sealed in the packet. Once it has been mixed in water to activate then it should be used within 6 hours.


Safe to use!


Bio-Activator is a natural, organic product (not a chemical) which is completely safe for people, animals and crops. It is also safe to use the toilet immediately after applying these treatments.


Pre-packed dosages!


The pre-packed dosages are sufficient to treat toilets which are used by up to 8 people per day. If more people use the toilet then the dosages must be increased accordingly. The treatments are packaged in 2 quantities:


100g: this dosage must be used the first time a toilet is treated, whether it is smelly or not. This treatment will get rid of the smells within 12 hours and start the process of digesting and lowering the level of the waste.


25g: this dosage must be used once a month to keep the smells away and the level of the waste down.


How to be an agent!


The requirement to qualify for the agent's wholesale price is that each order must be for a minimum of R1600.00 (courier/postage excluded). You may order these treatments in any combination of 100g and 25g treatments (as long as the order is R1600.00 or more, courier/postage excluded. Courier/postage costs will vary depending on the amount of treatments ordered, I will confirm the costs of each order placed.


As a free service I can print your contact details on the label of each treatment sachet. I will also supply you with a limited number of promotional flyers (also free of charge) with your contact details. These labels and promotional flyers will only contain your contact details and will be generic so that your clients cannot bypass you. I will require your cell number and email address that you want printed on these items.


I will also provide you with documents which provide more information about the product and the treatment methods.


Please note that this product will not get rid of the rubbish (baby nappies, plastic packets, etc). It will also not empty the pit. But whatever the level drops by (whether it is 30cm or 1,5m), the toilet will not fill up again as long as it is treated with Bio-Activator every month (and as long as no more rubbish is thrown into the toilet). The reduction in the level of waste will depend on the amount of rubbish in the pit, and also the type of surrounding soil.


It is therefore possible for your clients to have a toilet last a lifetime without having to ever dig another one!

Email or Whatsapp me: or 083 239 8572 with your name and the area in which you intend selling the treatments and I will get back to you.









































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